Greedy King Take Two

Page 3 window without text copy

Page 3 ideas 1

Lesson 45 in illustrating children’s books: just because you want to draw a snoring seal and a peacock wearing a sleeping mask and night-time feather-cover, it doesn’t mean they have a place in this book. 

  There are a lot of specific elements to fit into page 3 of The Colour King, which is perhaps why it’s proved trickier than pages 1 and 2. It needs to show a rich, greedy King Bruno along with his grand palace (which has jewel-studded gates), his bed (which is made of unicorn horns), and his move to the East. So no room for the sleeping animals.

The first version wasn’t quite right (get out of my head, snoring seal!). So after getting some useful feedback and ideas from Raoul, the writer, I’ve come up with these two. I have a definite favourite: which one do you prefer?

Page 3 bedPage 3 window without text copy



3 thoughts on “Greedy King Take Two

  1. Oh my goodness! These are such amazing illustrations! My dream is to one day illustrate a children’s book and yours is so beautiful! Both of them look great to me… I can’t possibly choose which one is better!

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