Fred and the monster

Fred and Monster
Fred and Monster

My friend Fred, a website and application developer, commissioned me to do a ‘gruff and amiable monster’ for his website. Here’s the monster at home on Fred’s site, happily asking Fred some questions.

The monster started out as a dog-like creature (circled, centre left), which made me laugh (a lot). But it was essentially a dog:

Fred and monster: sketches

Then he evolved into a faun-like creature, who was nice, but too human. Very amiable, but not gruff.

Fred's monster: sketches

Then a tree-man appeared:

Fred and his monster: sketches

Here he is. Nice ears, or whatever they are!

Fred's monster #2

And then the monster got perfectly gruff AND amiable, with a less human, more monstery nose:

P1190177Fred's monster #3

I’d like to be friends with him.

The first outing in paint was nice, but too woodland-leafy-furry for Fred’s site. Sorry, old chap.



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